New Generation of Home Automation! adopts new generation of home automation technologies, all of the adopted devices speaks to each other the same language, and they integrate beautifully into your current home electrical devices.

On top of that, home automation has never been more practical in delivering smart control, smart safety and smart security. newly adopted technologies has made "home automation" essential for every home.

every home shall be smart!

Case Study: 700JOD Intelligent Living Room

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Automation has never been more affordable!

As automation system components are becoming smarter, they are also becoming smaller, automation system can now be built with fewer components, and they are much smarter. 

Adopting smart selected devices give you the opportunity to automate your home on budget , you can now obtain a 50,000JOD home automation solution for only a 2,000-10,000JOD.

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Automation is now easier to adopt

Constructed around wireless latest technologies such as z-wave and Zigbee, currently adopted automation system can now be installed and configured at no time!

In addition, no need to construct the complete system at once, devices can be added any time allowing for future expansion.

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